We at REYNOLD GRAPHICS are manufacture and Supplier of all types of web offset printing machine spare parts with 18 years of experience.

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Folding, Cutting and
Circular Blades

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Folding, Cutting and Circular Blades

Folding blades

We supply folding blades in a standard version, with simple and double chamfers as well as gaps and holes. On special request by the customer, they can be produced with different coatings or special, usage-based materials, too.

Cutter blades / perforating blades / rotary cutter blades / book spine milling cutters

You are provided with cutting blades for sawing and for perforating cuts. Tooth pitches and punch-outs according to drawing or customer sample are always possible. For all common rotary cutters and book spine milling cutters, REYNOLD GRAPHICS produces the corresponding replacement blades – also according to drawing or customer sample. They can be reprocessed and reground, too.

Circular blades / perforating circular blades

Our circular blades are made of steel, HSSE, special steel, steel with carbide coating or solid carbide. Desired outer diameters of 20–350 mm as well as chamfers, grooves, holes and tooth shapes are possible at any time according to drawing or customer sample.

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