We at REYNOLD GRAPHICS are manufacture and Supplier of all types of web offset printing machine spare parts with 18 years of experience.

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Printing Unit

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Printing Unit Accessories

The printing unit requires a number of accessories that are covered by our variety of products for all makes and types of machines. These in particular include:

Bearer ring felts

For all common bearer ring felts, REYNOLD GRAPHICS uses a special material that ensures optimum operation. They are designed based on dimensions according to drawing or customer sample, with slits or holes if requested.


We supply you with suitable brush rollers for washing equipment of blanket washers with the original fill material and the right brush pins or closing rings, manufactured according to manufacturer specification.

Ductors, lm rollers, distribution cylinders, chrome and ink rollers

We repair and manufacture rollers for all the different specifications with coatings such as ceramic, Rilsan®, chrome, rubber and other materials

Additional components

Cams, gears, slide bearings and blades – but also the filters and seals – are subject to permanent wear and must be replaced at certain intervals. We have the most common variants in stock and also manufacture special parts if needed. This is always done according to the manufacturer specification to ensure full compatibility.

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